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Applications Thermoplastics produces shrink films printed and not, from 200mm width. at 2100mm. in flat leaf, the wider bands are produced with the help of internal bellows. This production is flanked by the production of industrial, single-folded bags , of any band and thickness, reels and shrink caps, printed films and tubulars and the marketing of industrial and manual stretchable .

Our extruders have a total capacity of 250 quintals per day and this allows prompt delivery to customers even for particular emergency situations. All our waste material is regenerated and reused for production.

The raw material, stored in 25 kg bags, is loaded into special hoppers for mixing. According to its needs, the machine sucks up the mixed material and puts it into a cylinder (extruder) surrounded by electrical resistances that raise the internal temperature up to 200 ° C thus obtaining an amalgam which, pushed through a head, makes the material thin. from 20 to 200 microns. The material thus obtained is called "shrink film": if subjected to a heat source, in fact, it shrinks up to about 50% of its initial size, adhering to the object around which it was wrapped. After cooling, the film retains its new shape. During the production and transformation process, all waste material is regenerated and reused for production.
The film thus obtained is sent to the collection desk which, through a reeling system, produces the final product to be sent to the customer. The reels are collected on platforms, packed with extensible and stored in the warehouse. The dispatch of the material is scheduled according to the delivery date requested by the Customer. The shrink films are mainly used to wrap objects and ensure their stability and protection but the possible further applications are innumerable. All company processes and procedures are controlled and certified through the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. On request, our manual can be provided to customers.

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